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Experience the splendour and natural beauty of Shendurney
A conservation and protection-ori-ented hard trek taking up a full day, starting at 8am and ending at 4pm, covering a total of 18km. The route passes through the semi-evergreen and evergreen forest of the sanctuary and can see the flagship species of the sanctuary, the shendurney tree and Lion-tailed macaque. Attitudinal variations up to 1000 meters will be covered and trekkers may encounter wide variety of wildlife and an enchanting view of the beautiful streams. Gaurs, Sloth bears, Elephants, etc. are often sighted along this route apart from birds and butterflies. The programme is offered only for one time slot and lasts for eight hours. A maximum of 5 persons can go for trekking at a time along each nature trail. The trekkers will be accompanied by two guides and a forest guard.
Reporting time . 7.30am
Reporting Point : Information centre Thenmala

Nearest railway station: Kollam, about 75 km away
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 72 km from Kollam town