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Thenmala Ecotourism Tariff

Attraction Adult Child Excursion International
Children’s park : Rs.20 Rs.20 Rs.20 Rs.30
Deer Rehabilitation Center : Rs.20 Rs.20 Rs.20 Rs.30
Butterfly park : Rs.50 Rs.40 Rs.30 Rs.100
Musical Dancing Fountain : Rs.50 Rs.40 Rs.30 Rs.70
Adventure Zone : Rs.50 Rs.40 Rs.30 Rs.70
Leisure park : Rs.50 Rs.40 Rs.30 Rs.120
Boating : Rs.210 Rs.210 Rs.210 Rs.400
Soft trekking (4 km) : Rs.100 Rs.100 Rs.60 Rs.150
Picnic (Leisure+Childrens park+Butterfly park+Fountain+Deer Rehabilitation Center) : Rs.110 Rs.90 Rs.90 Rs.250
Adventure soft (selected 5 Activities) : Rs.110 Rs.90 Rs.90 Rs.250
Adventure hard (any 5 Activities) : Rs.210 Rs.160 Rs.160 Rs.350
Thenmala Ecotourism Mini (Full) : Rs.400 Rs.300 Rs.250 Rs.500
Nature Camp Mini (Full+Food) : Rs.600 Rs.500 Rs.450 Rs.700
Thenmala Ecotourism Mega (Full+Boating) : Rs.610 Rs.510 Rs.460 Rs.900
Nature Camp Mega (Full+Boating+Food) : Rs.810 Rs.710 Rs.660 Rs.1100
One day trekking(8 person) : Rs.10000


Accommodation type Weekdays Holidays International
The Bee Hive (The Dormitory) : Rs.140 Rs.140 Rs.300
The Honey Comb (The Non A/C Tourist Home) : Rs.700 Rs.1000 Rs.1600
The Honey Comb (The A/C Tourist Home) : Rs.980 Rs.1400 Rs.2000
Koodu (The Elevated Hut) : Rs.1400 Rs.2000 Rs.2400
The Cocoon (The Jungle Tented Camp) : Rs.1400 Rs.2000 Rs.2400
The Nest (The Garden facing Tented Camp) : Rs.1400 Rs.2000 Rs.2600
The Nest (The Water facing Tented Camp) : Rs.1820 Rs.2600 Rs.3000