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Palaruvi Waterfalls

Palaruvi - truly, stream of milk - is one of Kerala's most pleasant waterfalls, falling down a tallness of 300 feet. It is a most loved cookout spot for guests from all over south India. The adventure to Palaruvi through the thick tropical backwoods is a hypnotizing knowledge. Palaruvi which

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Ambanad Hills

Ambanad Hills is extremely old manor come zest garden. Here nature invites you with its heap hues, cool quiet and boundless scope of Green Hills. Here one can appreciate the perspectives of the valley with unending extends of slope ranges, the Western Ghats standing tall as a bulwark in the

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Pathimoonnu Kannara Palam

This is called "Pathimoonnu kannara palam" exceptionally beautifull sight,The span which was built amid the British regeim utilizing surki construction,A period when concrete was not in use.The span with its 13 curves still holds solid one of Indias most established mountain rails (Meter Guage)which once used to be the fundamental

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