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Rosemala Thenmala

rosemala thenmala

From the atmosphere it seemed like the spreading out petals of a rose. In the midst of the petals, rests a valley in the Shenduruney timberland. The little green patches of land, spilled over the stream, with its beguiling quality appear to have descended from a tall tale. Welcome to Rosemala, a valley that possesses large amounts of the abundance of nature. The state of the land much the same as that of a rose blossom may be the purpose for the name of this valley. There is likewise the view that the name originated from Roslin, the spouse of a British grower who set up the home here.

Situated around 15 km profound into the woods from Aryankavu, Rosemala is one of the less investigated eco tourism spots in Kerala. The woodland street prompting Rosemala is steep and winding. You can appreciate the quietness of a few mountain streams on your way through the thick woodland tracts. Enlisting a jeep would be the best decision to achieve Rosemala. You can look for the assistance of the woods division for the adventure.

Begin your trekking by wandering into Darbhakkulam, a lake somewhere inside Rosemala. Darbha is the name for Poa cynosuroides, a plant which has got criticalness in Hindu ceremonies. It is assumed that once this place was loaded with these plants. While in transit to Darbhakkulam watch the woodland that abounds with life and rich in biodiversity. Appreciate the dynamic quality of nature. Watch uncommon types of butterflies, mushrooms and frogs. The tranquil surface of the lake reflects the undulating green slopes that encompass the lake. The liquid outline of the rich greenery is torn by the wealth of the fishes moving in the lake. Listen deliberately; you will hear the sweet tune of waters coursing through the collapses the eastern district of the lake.

An uncommon exhibition anticipates you at Rosemala watchtower. You need to come back to the Rosemala intersection to go to the watchtower. The watchtower discloses you the immensity of the Thenmala Dam completely. The cool wind grasping the lake is certain to toward the end in your memory for eternity. In the event that you are sufficiently fortunate to have great atmosphere you can appreciate dawn and nightfall starting here.

Pallivasal is another trekking locale at Rosemala. Tread the woodland street for two kilometers that prompts the lake. The pontoon cutting the rushes of the lake takes you to the core of the woods.

The meeting spot of the waterways Umayar, Shenduriniyar and Uriliyar is truly enamoring. Steer the pontoon to peck the unending water. The repository lies in the midst of the immense slopes. The lake is 115 m profound at specific spots. The quietness with which one respected the lake from the shore is step by step giving path for unpleasant waves. The breeze makes the waves swell a bit. As you achieve the shore, the waters, consistently enchanting, would have quieted your heart.